A Top Rated Ahmedabad Hotel You Must Know About

Ahmadabad is the sixth largest city of India and also the commercial hub of the state of Gujarat. It promises a warm welcome to its guests and is well equipped with floridly carved historical monuments and many world class educational institutes. Being the birthplace of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, from where he fought to release India from the clutches of the British rule, it holds both emotional and cultural value in the hearts of millions who come here to catch a glimpse of the simple life and high preaching of this great icon. Ahmedabad hotels cater to the needs and wishes of people from all walks of life, thereby making room for more and more tourists to come to this beautiful land every year.

Ahmedabad is known to be a place which supports and induces communal harmony among people from all castes, creed and religions and tie them in a single string of love and brotherhood. It has many mosques as well as temples which mark the beauty and excellence of its architecture like Sidi Syed Mosque, the Stepwell at Adalaj and the Rani mosques. Sidi Sayed mosque which is known for its extraordinary Jhali screens, and the Juma masjid, are two of the most popular tourist sights of Ahmadabad, frequented by almost everyone who comes for a holiday to this city. Among famous Hindu temples are the rich and marvelously carved Akshardham temple, the Hathi Singh Jain temple and even the Bhadra Fort which boasts of the temple of Goddess Bhadrakali. There are other heritage properties worth visiting as well like the Heritage Houses of Poles and above all, the Sabarmati or Gandhi Ashram which is the most important and famous tourist attraction of Ahmedabad. Based on the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, this ashram is frequented by many devotees and staunch followers of the ‘Bapu’ of our nation. For children, the city has many educational and entertainment sites including the various museums, amusement parks and the well renowned Science city as well. The city is well adorned with many fine museums and art galleries, universities, colleges and a spectrum of gardens which beautifies and highlights its aesthetic appeal.

Hotel Naeeka is one of the top rated Ahmedabad hotels. It is a budget hotel with a 4.5 guest rating and 100% recommendation by them. Being the best in the breed of hotels in Ahmedabad, it is convenient for both business travelers and leisure tourists and takes all efforts to soothe your senses, relax and re-freshen your mind, thereby replenishing and enriching lives of people who are always on the move, yet want a break from their heavy and busy schedules. This top rated Ahmedabad hotel is centrally located at a distance of 2 km from the airport and 5 km from the railway station. All its rooms have been elegantly decorated and well equipped with all basic modern amenities which promise a luxury-filled atmosphere, in combination with simplicity and elegance. The hotel excels in efficiency of staff, ambiance and providing privacy to its guests as well. It even has a multi-cuisine restaurant named Navras which take special care of the taste buds and specifications of each and every guest at personal level. Guests who have stayed here say that, ‘the hotel is the best choice for a family holiday’ and that they ‘would love to stay here again during next trip to Ahmadabad’. The room tariffs for this amazing hotel is just Rs. 2,600 dor every night, including complimentary breakfast.